Noise Program

The County of Ventura Department of Airports appreciates your seeking out resources to help you understand how aircraft noise and overflight concerns are addressed. We are preparing and adding new resources and over the coming year we will launch new initiatives to ensure we are listening and working with residents who are concerned with airport issues.

In the coming weeks and months the Department of Airports will implement our plan to engage with neighborhood groups and hold information workshops. The goal is to ensure we remain available to listen to concerns without time constraints and act to improve in areas where we have the ability to effect change.

You can find links to our existing Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures below. These are provided as a baseline so that residents have an understanding about prior planning and programming related to aircraft noise and overflight.

If you would like us to know about an aircraft that you feel we should know about, please call us.

  • Camarillo Airport Noise Line: (805) 388-4497 or 
  • Oxnard Airport Noise Line:  (805) 382-3022 


If it’s an urgent situation, please call Airport Operations directly at (805) 947-6803 (Camarillo) or (805) 947-6804 (Oxnard) between 5am and 11pm daily.



Noise Comment


Several months ago, the Department of Airports established phone lines at both Camarillo and Oxnard Airports that residents can call to leave a comment on specific aircraft overflights that were found to be out of the ordinary or particularly annoying. Our Airport Operations team document each call received and investigate the circumstances that might have caused the resident to call. If requested, one of our team will contact the resident to discuss the event and share the results of the investigation. Calls received on the noise lines are each reviewed twice daily. You may also use our ONLINE FORM

Department of Airports Staff are engaging flight schools based at Camarillo and Oxnard Airports, as well as flight schools in neighboring regions. The goal is to increase awareness of noise sensitivity and to ensure that flight instructors and students have current flight planning tools to help avoid noise sensitive areas, when that can be safely done.


We are developing a list of responses to the questions most often received by airports regarding noise and noise policy. This will be constantly updated to reflect the most current program elements and changing circumstances as it relates to noise policy at Camarillo and Oxnard Airports.