Staff Directory

Director of AirportsKeith Freitas, AAE, CAE(805) 388-4200
Deputy Director of AirportsDave Nafie, CM(805) 388-4201
Program AdministratorAna Castro(805) 388-4211
Communications & Engagement ManagerJannette Jauregui(805) 388-4287
Airport Operations Supervisor CMASean Herder, ACE(805) 388-4246
Airport Operations Supervisor OXRLuis Ortiz, CM(805) 382-3024
Airport Maintenance SupervisorByron Hamilton, ACE(805) 388-4206
Lease ManagerMadeline Herrle, CSM, RPA(805) 388-4243
Projects ManagerErin Powers(805) 388-4205
Management AssistantVacant(805) 388-4273
Special ProjectsLance Laffoon(805) 388-4255
Accounting ManagerJamal Ghazaleh(805) 388-4207
Senior AccountantTara Nelson(805) 388-4268
Accounting Technician Llareli Montejano(805) 388-4204
Accounting Assistant IIJeanette Hernandez(805) 388-4251
Engineering TechnicianVacant(805) 388-4200
Maintenance Division
Lead Airport Maintenance WorkerTimothy Jungenberg, ACE(805) 388-4203
Lead Airport Maintenance WorkerMichael Wickland, ACE(805) 388-4203
Senior Airport Maintenance WorkerJoel Serna(805) 388-4203
Senior Airport Maintenance WorkerPhil Siping(805) 382-3023
Senior Airport Maintenance WorkerChris Couch(805) 388-4203
Airport Maintenance WorkerFinn Greyloch(805) 388-4203
Airport Maintenance WorkerJeffrey Dunn(805) 388-4203
Airport Maintenance WorkerPaul Bock, ACE(805) 388-4203
Airport Maintenance WorkerRicardo Torres(805) 388-4203
Airport Maintenance WorkerVacant(805) 388-4203
Operations Team
Airport Operations OfficerJohn Pierce(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerJoshua Cox(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerChristian Rojas(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerSimon Cheung(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerPaul Lee(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerScott Giles(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerVacant(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerVacant(805) 388-4497
Airport Operations OfficerVacant(805) 388-4497
After Hours ContactCamarillo On-Duty Ops Officer(805) 947-6803
After Hours ContactOxnard On-Duty Ops Officer(805) 947-6804