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Annual gathering brought aircraft owners and operators from around the country to the Camarillo airport for a weekend of training, learning, and collaboration focused on improving aviation safety.

Camarillo, CA, 29 March 2023: AVEX Aviation (“AVEX”) hosted its annual gathering of Daher TBM owners and operators from March 24th through the 26th at the Camarillo Airport.  AVEX has been a local Ventura County Aviation business since it was founded in 1985 and has hosted its annual Safety Seminar at the airport since 2009.

Each year the internationally attended Safety Seminar is a highly anticipated event among its customers and suppliers where TBM pilots learn ways to improve the safe operation of their TBM aircraft. The seminar hosts discussions lead by globally recognized aviation safety experts. The AVEX Safety Seminar is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration (“FAA”) WINGS Program. The objective of the WINGS Program is to address the primary accident causal factors that continue to plague the general aviation community. By focusing on this objective, participants aim to reduce the number of accidents seen each year.

AVEX Aviation is dedicated to the global TBM community, embracing those seeking a better comprehension of the world of TBM safety.  AVEX Aviation’s focus for the Safety Seminar is to provide a more in-depth understanding of the important factors and decisions that go into safe and successful operations.  The Safety Seminar consists of a full day of activities, featuring world-class speakers and renowned industry-leading experts discussing topics pertinent to TBM operators.  The programing is focused on improving the level of safety for TBM operators and is renowned as one of the most impactful safety events for the TBM.

Approximately 80 highly influential and affluent individuals, many of whom pilot their own aircraft, attended this year’s event.  Along with spouses and family members, the attendees provided a significantly positive impact on local business, from hotels, restaurants, and shops, to aircraft fuel, maintenance, and other services. Many of these individuals generate business in the local community through their relative industries because of their tie with AVEX Aviation and the TBM aircraft.

About AVEX Aviation

AVEX Aviation is a leading aircraft dealer in North America with a robust maintenance and aftermarket services platform focused on the Daher TBM.  With more than 1,000 aircraft in service, the TBM has an enviable position in the single-engine turboprop market.  AVEX Aviation was founded in 1985 and has operations in Camarillo, California, and Broomfield, Colorado.  Over the past 25+ years, AVEX Aviation has evolved to become one of the most recognizable brands in the aviation industry. For more information visit www.newavex.com.

About the Aircraft

The Daher TBM is a family of high-performance single-engine turboprop business and utility light aircraft manufactured by Daher, France.  Daher designs and produces two types of single-engine turboprop-powered aircraft: the Kodiak, an all-terrain multi-purpose airplane; and the TBM, one of the world’s fastest and most fuel efficient single-engine turboprop-powered aircraft.