County of Ventura Department of Airports

The County of Ventura Department of Airports owns and manages Camarillo Airport and Oxnard Airport. Together these airports provide vital connections to the national airspace system and are the home airports to many businesses and individual aircraft owners. 

This website provides valuable information to those seeking to learn more about our airports, to establish or conduct business, to lease aircraft storage facilities, to learn to fly, or even to enjoy a meal at the Waypoint Cafe.

Information and links to meetings of our Advisory Boards are provided above. We look forward to hearing from you!

Department of Airports, 555 Airport Way, Suite B, Camarillo, CA 93010

What is an ALP Update?

Camarillo, California – On July 13, 2022, Ventura County Director of Airports Keith Freitas made a public presentation to the Camarillo City Council to explain that Ventura County Department of Airports is terminating the Camarillo Airport Master Plan and will instead conduct an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update.  Read more… 

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Video: How Airports Are Funded

Director of Airports Keith Freitas provides an overview of the funding of Camarillo and Oxnard Airports as part of FAA’s overall support of airports nationwide.

Video: How Airports Are Funded

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Oxnard Taxiway Connector Reconstruction Project Schedule Announced

The Department of Airports has announced the schedule for the construction phase of the Connector Taxiway A and E reconstruction project.    

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Did you know?

Camarillo Airport has a limit of 115,000 pounds maximum takeoff weight. Camarillo Airport also is open 24 hours per day for arriving aircraft but limits aircraft takeoffs between 12:00 am and 5:00 am, except for emergencies.

Resources Added For Pilot Awareness and Flying Friendly

The Department of Airports continues to provide resources that pilots can use to increase awareness of the noise sensitive uses in the vicinity of our airports. New animated maps are now included to assist pilots in visualizing the recommended traffic patterns and the location of noise sensitive uses.

Says Deputy Director Dave Nafie, “We want to promote a tighter traffic pattern. Climb quickly to pattern altitude and keep the downwind leg in close, especially at Oxnard Airport where the desired track is along or north of Wooley Road. This really makes a difference to the residents and promotes a Fly Friendly approach to our culture.”


Noise Complaint Phone Line

Latest News

ALP and Part 150 Noise Compatibility Study Update

The Ventura County Department of Airports continues to work toward the 2023 launch of the Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update for Camarillo airport. The ALP Update will coincide with the Part 150 Noise Compatibility Studies for both Camarillo and Oxnard airports. While the noise studies are anticipated to take just

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Updates to Oxnard Pilot Guide for Fly Friendly VC

We’ve updated the Fly Friendly VC Oxnard Pilot Guide!The community spoke up and we listened! The updated pilot guide now includes not only a new color scheme (red) to clearly outline residential/noise sensitive areas, but also a more definitive distance past the shoreline. Replacing the original wording on the guide

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